Live, From the hospital!

Goooooooooood mornin' Domes-tiques! We're here live at Hospital X, blogging from the visitor waiting room at the surgery center. We're here in support of peleton member Slurry Beta, who is going under the knife today to pursue his lifelong dream: aquiring Dakota Fanning's cute little button nose. Apparently the Docs here at H-X are real good, and even specialize in celebrity noses. Who knew?

Thankfully Beta's appointment was pushed back unexpectedly yesterday, from the 8:30 start time to a much more respectable 11:30. The bummber about the 8:30 was that he has to be here 2 hours early, which means the car service (me) would have had to pick his mustache-less ass up at 6am. Yikes!

(Yes, hate to break the news, but the 'stache is no longer. Something about the Channings historically not being able to grow facial hair and he is really going for legitimacy with this or something... I dunno, I wasn't really listening, I figured it was the anti-nausea meds talking.)

Doubly thankful for this wireless connection. I took a vacation day today because I am in full foot-out-the-door mode these days at work (read: don't give a shit). But I do have some work to do here in this waiting room. And how could I possibly procrastinate from doing this work without the internet? I should go play outside and enjoy my vacation day, but I am reluctant to leave this place now because it's a zoo in here and I don't want to loose my prime spot next to the electrical outlet. Unfortunately my old laptop has no battery life left when unplugged.

Anyways, Beta was schedule to go into surgery about 15 mins ago, so my guess is they just wheeled him into the room, hooked him up to an IV, and told him to start counting down from 10. Last time that happened to me (ironically, also a nose surgery; I wanted the Whoopi, I got the Ted Danson), I got to 8 before I started laughing hysterically before I then passed out into a dreamless slumber. Strong stuff.

ANY-WAYS, I am not bored at all or anything. Just hungry and getting loopy. I forgot to bring snacks, and like I mentioned above, am reluctant to go find the snack bar.

I'll check back in later with any exciting updates. I forgot to take pack a camera, unfortunately, so we won't be able to compare pre- and post-op pictures, which is a damn shame. The Dakota-nose is gonna look SUPER cute on him, I think he's really going to have a whole new lease on life. Ladies, watch out!

UPDATE: He is out of surgery and recovering somewhere. Since we're not life partners or what have you (not that you know anyways), I can't go hang out with him. But I am told I would have heard if something went wrong, so I guess that means things went well.


Moroni said...

I think this surgery has the chance to improve Beta's overall attractiveness even more than the breast augmentation he recently had.

mindy said...

It's Dakota FANNING, sweetie, not Channing. I just called you "sweetie". It was done in a rather condescending voice too, which really wasn't that nice considering you are being such a good friend right now.

Also, I can't believe Beta is mustache-less. Seems like a crime to kill a mustache before it's truly in bloom, ya know?

DC Josh said...

Two words, Mindor: what. evs. Dakota Schmakota.

(But I did correct the post, thanks for the heads up. You lookin for a job, I just fired my copy editor...)

mindy said...

You know, Slurry also indicated he wanted to hire me at some point, but I haven't heard back...so I guess I'm a free agent!